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The living room is one of the most important rooms in any home. This multifaceted spot is a communal zone for familial bonding as well as an oasis for personal relaxation. 

Having the right sofa can make all the difference as it sets the tone for the experience that can be expected in that space.       

Picking the perfect sofa can be a daunting task. Beyond its colour and size, Mr David King, founder of King Living suggests that you look out for other crucial criteria.

“Also keep durability, the type of materials used and added smart features in mind as these factors can offer longevity and an improvement to your quality of life,” says Mr King.

Offering contemporary Australian designs for over 45 years, King Living understands the importance of versatility. Taking a modular approach, their sofas can be transformed by adding or removing components, for added flexibility. 

King Living sofas are also tailor made and hand-crafted to your exact requirements. Your name is stitched on the sofa’s label as a finishing touch, making it distinctly yours.

“Living in a city where we’re constantly stimulated by noise and activity can feel overwhelming at times. The King Living sofas we purchased have helped turn our home into a sanctuary away from that bustle,” say Mr Benson Toh, 47, and Ms Sharon Ong, 44, who reside in an apartment along River Valley Road with their two children. 

If you are looking to spruce up your home for the year-end season, here are some of the top picks from King Living that deliver on both form and function, plus customer reviews.

One sofa, many uses

Jasper king living sofa furniture
The modular components in the Jasper sofa can be easily arranged into several configurations, including a guest bed. (Photo: Dharma Sadasivan)

The greatest draw of the Jasper Modular Sofa (pictured above) is its ability to adapt to your lifestyle. Its patented component connecting technology allows every part – the seats, arm rests, backrests, and shelves – to be adjusted to your liking. You can also convert this L-shaped sofa into a bed. 

The plush back cushions are filled with the brand’s signature Ultradown, a mix of soft and firm microfibers blended into cloud-like balls of varying density and size to offer comfort and bounce-back shape resilience. 

The Jasper sofa can also be custom-made with hidden under-seat storage that is accessed with a single-handed lift. Other add-ons include premium timber veneer shelving with a matching media console and smart accessories such as a wireless charging table, LED reading light and SONOS speaker bracket. 

For Ms Mrinalini, who is in her 30s, the Jasper was her first purchase from King Living in 2019 and is currently still a centrepiece in her living room. 

“We love the Jasper sofa for its comfort and size. There’s space for my parents and me to lounge together and watch TV,” says Ms Mrinalini. “The sofa is also easy to maintain as the fabric is resistant to stains and water.”

Simple in style, durable in design

king living sofa furniture zaza
As with all King Living sofas, the Zaza is made with an engineered steel frame for added durability. (Photo: King Living)

Designed in collaboration with leading Australian designer Charles Wilson, the Zaza sofa (pictured above) features adjustable arms and backrest, letting you choose the angle that best suits your comfort level. 

Clinching the Good Design Award  –  a prestigious global design award –  in the product design category in 2018, the Zaza sofa features deep seats filled with Ultradown and a concave leaf-like structure for ultimate relaxation. The fabric is also finished with edge stitching, and the sofa can be customised as a two or three-seater.

“We spend a lot of time at home, so it’s important that our furniture is functional, comfortable and looks good to fit our style. The Zaza sofa ticks all the boxes,” says Mr Alywin Kok who is in his 40s. 

Another defining feature of the Zaza is its slender dark bronze steel legs, a perfect complement to a minimalist or metallic interior design theme. 

As with all King Living sofas, the Zaza is constructed with an engineered steel frame for added durability and comes with a 25-year steel frame warranty. There is also an outdoor variant which comes with a for 10-year outdoor frame warranty.

From sofa to bed in one movement 

king living sofa furniture Reogrand
Equipped with a 15-step adjustable headrest and extra wide seats, the ReoGrand can be converted into a bed. (Photo: King Living)

The compact design of the ReoGrand sofa bed (pictured above) means that it is suitable in your living room, study or a dedicated guest space.

Equipped with a 15-step adjustable headrest and extra wide seats, the ReoGrand can be converted into a bed in one smooth movement that lets you access the Sleep+ mattress without the need to remove the back cushions. 

“The ReoGrand sofa beds offer an extra lounge area that is super comfortable. It’s a bonus that they transform effortlessly into guest beds for a comfortable night’s sleep should I have guests staying over,” says Ms Mrinalini. Covers for all King Living sofas, including the ReoGrand, have been tailor-made to be removable. This allows for easy cleaning or replacement without the need of reupholstering. Your sofa can also be recycled over generations. Choose from more than 200 options of premium fabric or European leather.

All ReoGrand sofa beds come with integrated Smart Pockets technology that allows you to power smart accessories. You can also customise it with a wireless charging table, LED reading light and SONOS speaker bracket.

Made just for you 

king living sofa furniture Seymour
Custom design options for the Seymour armchair include a swivel or fixed base. (Photo: King Living)

If you’re on the lookout for an individual seater, the Seymour armchair (pictured above) hits all the right spots with its roomy seat base and contoured curves. You can also choose between low, mid, or high back options for extra head support. 

Custom design options include a swivel or fixed base, with three signature timber finishes for the swivel base. The precision-cut engineered steel frame is complemented by a patented pocket spring system to provide support and durability. For that extra touch of luxury, opt for a matching footstool for full-body relaxation.

“I picked the Seymour armchair for my own use but my son loves it so much that he has claimed it as his!” shares Mr Toh.

Whether you’re looking for couches to lounge in as a family, modular sofas designed for flexibility or luxurious recliners for relaxation, King Living has something for everyone. View their full range at

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