There’s something to be said about the allure of never-ending adventure – especially when said adventure is happening on-board a luxury liner that never stops. Somnio, which means dream in Latin, is an extension of that concept. The 222m behemoth won’t just be the biggest superyacht out there once it leaves its berth in 2024. It’ll be the world’s first “yacht liner” – an unholy marriage between a cruise ship and a superyacht, which is the only possible way to describe the epic US$600 million (S$821 million) vessel.

Like other private residence yachts, the Somnio aims to fill a niche for well-heeled owners that want the best of both worlds – mind-bending luxury amidst privacy and tranquility. Which is why getting one of the yacht’s 39 private residences – spread across six decks – are by invitation only (and will be a tightly guarded secret), as selected by the team behind the project (which includes managing director Erik Bredhe, former master of The World).

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The starting price of S$23 million gets you the smallest 182 sqm two-bedder, though you could opt for a roomier 963 sqm suite with living and dining area. Naturally, one can expect to work alongside designers including Winch Design, Tillberg Design of Sweden and Luttenberger Design to craft each apartment to their exact specifications. These bespoke touches could be a gym, library and outdoor dining area – anything that suits the owner’s lifestyle. That way, you’ll never have to miss home while on vacation. 

Somnio also comes with the necessary luxuries to make your never-ending trip around the world as extravagant as it has to be. Facilities include two restaurants with al-fresco dining options; a 10,000 bottle wine cellar and tasting room; a sports bar; a liquor-and-cigar lounge; a movie theatre; a myriad of ppols; and an on-board beach club with a full suite of water adventure-related equipment and its own marina. Full concierge services for both on-ship and land-based needs will also be provided.

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Medical and wellness facilities are available to keep everyone, including the crew of around 170, in tip top shape as the ship wends its way across the globe. Speaking of the ship’s destinations, think of it as wish fulfillment at its finest. Expect sorties to remote islands, or the furthest reaches of the north (or at least, as far north as a superyacht like the Somnio can comfortably go), padded up with expeditions and itineraries off-boat by local guides, experts and guest lecturers. Like the identity of Somnio’s guests, the ship’s actual route will remain under wraps.

The superyacht is being built at Norwegian shipyard Vard, which is well-versed with the construction of cruise ships, and is expected to be completed by 2024. 

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Photos by Winch Design.