Supercars are more than just high-performance, luxury vehicles. Many possess extraordinary legacies that tell a tale unique to the people who have owned them. Why else do old cars like the 1931 Bugatti Type 55 Two-Seat Supersport fetch 4.6 million euros (S$7.12 million) at RM Sotheby’s: Paris Auction at Place Vauban in February this year?

These stories, however, are often told in flashes such as a brief glimpse as one passes another on the highway – before the vehicle, shrouded in tarpaulin, is relegated to a garage. What a pity.

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Supercar Capsule wants to change that. The company has a unique raison d’etre: it wants you to tell your car’s story the way you want it told, whether as an extension to your home or a centrepiece in your living room.

It is the brainchild of ASZarchitetti Group, headed by artisan and gearhead Andrea Sensoli. And while it is based in the United Arab Emirates, Sensoli says it aims to expand globally as demand increases. The Italian says, “Supercars are the quintessence of design and technology. Why should enjoying their presence be exclusive to when you’re driving it on the highway?”

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Utilising ASZarchitetti Group’s two decades of expertise in interior design and luxury architecture, Supercar Capsule designs and develops bespoke supercar display capsules through a process similar to customising your very own luxury car.

Says Sensoli, “One rarely has the opportunity to see and work with some of the exotic cars people own, let alone create a complementary space around them,” he says. “Their serene beauty is almost mesmerising.”

His personal favourite? The Aston Martin DB11 – incredible power, artisanship and utter simplicity. Certainly a car worth placing on a large pedestal.

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