5-Florida By Kurt Strand

Some may argue that half the thrill of travel is in the way you get there.  Or in the case of a superyacht, being on the luxury craft is the whole thrill.  Especially in the midst of a travel-halting pandemic, demand for boats and yachts have risen.  

This rise in demand and the pandemic itself has forced companies to look inward and have different emphases in their designs.  Quality over quantity is the familiar buzz phrase, especially with safety and sustainable prioritization.  

Some of the most inventive and unique designs has come out of not just the pandemic, but also these few years of sustainable innovation following the Paris agreement.   The futuristic designs of these commercial travel crafts not only look utopian, but they also likely reflect what travel technology will, and should look like.


Nemesis One Hydrofoil Catamaran promises to be the world’s fastest superyacht