[dropcap size=big]Y[/dropcap]ou might never have heard of Singapore-based artist Miun, but, although she keeps a low profile, she’s spent the last two years working with brands such as Leica, Uniqlo and local label Depression. Now, she’s under the spotlight again with her current exhibition, The Marriage II, which presents a series of organic sculptures inspired by something close to her heart – flowers.

Miun’s first instalment The Marriage, which was created for the Singaplural Exhibition in March last year, was all about uniting the ideas of the real and the fake to create a new floral species. In this series, she expands on the same idea, exhibiting over 25 artworks which are described as “a collection of decidedly fantastical mixed media floral sculptures”. Closely studying the forms of real blooms, the way the petals vary in size, and the way each layer is arranged, she sculpts each of her masterpieces from scratch using materials such as laminate. The largest pieces in her exhibition are as long as a person’s arm.

Having worked in a floral shop for three years, Miun has a passion for flowers that is apparent in her work. One of her first works was a series called Beauty & Beast, which incorporated less-than-savoury receptacles like urinals and potties into gorgeous floral displays.

If overly abstract sculptures have never been your cup of tea, then Miun’s quirky yet recognisable organic art just might be the start of a budding romance.

The Marriage II is on at K+, #03- 14/15 Scotts Square, till Jan 10.