Maserati MC20

The luxury car industry is entering a new phase. Gone are the days where excessively speedy automobiles with a little too many bells and whistles count for luxury. What the people want is the same driving experience – without all the wanton excess. The MC20 straddles that line perfectly.

Standing for Maserati Corse (which means racing in Italian) 2020, the MC20 represents the purest form of the Trident stands for: the sea’s awesome ferocity and sheer, unchecked power.  That’s coming from an Italian marque with just shy of a century’s experience under its belt: the Tipo 26, Maserati’s first racehorse, was unveiled in 1926. 

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It isn’t only the naming convention that’s stuck around. The MC20 exudes elegance, underlying its ability for electrifying performance. It’s 100 per cent Italian through-and-through: the car’s sleek carbon-fibre monocoque frame comes in six different liveries, including the brilliant Bianco Audace (bold white), which gleams blue when placed under direct sun. The car’s dark underbelly, deliberately kept plain and simple, shows off the marque’s technological prowess without obscuring any of it.

That technology includes the hearty twin turbo V6, named Nettuno, that has evolved from its Formula 1 powertrain DNA. The ground-breaking patented bit of tech is entirely produced at Maserati’s Modena plant, and able to pump out 630 hp and a top speed of 325kmh. Together with the aerodynamic, wind-tunnel-tested carbon-fibre body and continued improvements by Maserati’s engineers, it makes the 1,500kg MC20 a leader in its class for its power-to-weight ratio.

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Three configurations of the MC20 are available: coupe, convertible and electric. Like we said, it’s not just pure excess that passes muster for consumers anymore. The Maserati is more than capable of switching from thundering laps on the track as well as superb drives on the road.

Despite its litheness, Maserati hasn’t forgotten the need for supreme comfort to go along with its driveability. Built to resemble the cockpit of a race car – but luxurious – the MC20’s interiors are all dark upholstery and Alacantra leather, with functionality and visibility front and centre. Maserati’s signature driving mode selector and thicky, sporty steering wheel seal the deal.

The car also comes with an all-Italian six speaker sound system, automatic carbon-fibre butterfly doors and a double-wishbone, semi-virtual suspension system to bring up comfort and convenience in all aspects of your drive. Maserati Connect, apart from providing your typical slew of GPS options, automatically monitors the vehicle’s health on the go.

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The Maserati MC20 showcases a plethora of new tech. The ultra-aerodynamic carbon-fibre chassis, the Nettuno, and so on. That’s just the engineering though: what the MC20 really means for the Italian marque is a look into the future. And it is exhilarating.  


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