[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]ailor-made suits and made-to-measure shoes command a premium for good reason: They fit like a glove and gently wrap you in unparalleled comfort. Extend those qualities to the one piece of furniture you spend hours in each day, and you get the Elysium chair.

Clad in leather from Scandinavia, this handmade recliner cossets you as it glides backwards into a position of equilibrium at around 25 degrees, at which point you experience weightlessness and a floating sensation. This is because your muscles are fully relaxed and no part of your body feels strain or pressure – the result of 10 years’ research and development by its creator, David Wickett, who picked up a PhD in bioengineering while designing the chair.

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As the Elysium chair is made just for you, you’re going to have to visit Wickett himself in London’s Cambridge to get your measurements down, thus ensuring your £20,000 (S$35,000) purchase is perfect. Only 20 will be crafted, and they’ll take at least a month to arrive.

Try out the Elysium chair at Bang & Olufsen in Knightsbridge, London.

Details at www.davidhugh.com.