prodrive racing simulator

Photo: Prodrive

Racing simulators have always been a means to an end: singularly focused on recreating the track experience to a tee for die-hard motorheads, who in turn have little appreciation for said simulator’s aesthetics. But this racing simulator by legendary British motorsport company Prodrive is a little different.

Gone are the exposed pistons and angular jet-black racing frames typical of simulator kits. The new generation of simulator kits are both elegant and functional.

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‘Floating’ car-lite elements

Photo: Prodrive

The car-lite elements like the driver’s seat, screen, steering wheel and pedal box are housed ‘floating’ within the svelte carbon monocoque. This provides added immersion for users — like one would feel sitting in an actual race car. Also, it’s simply very pretty, thanks to a final coat of glossy black and a 16-layered birch canopy. 

The end result, declares Prodrive’s chairman and founder David Richards, is “something you would be proud to have on display in your home like a grand piano, rather than tucked out of the way.” He even says: “It’s something that would not look out of place in a gallery of contemporary art.”

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A “purpose-built system” packs plenty of memory and graphical rendering power

Photo: Prodrive

This might seem like a wild pivot for a company renowned for its cutting-edge engineering solutions in the automobile world. But Prodrive makes more than championship-winning cars for the likes of Aston Martin and Bahrain Raid Xtreme. They create automobile designs both striking and provocative, with some help from the folks at Callum.

Fellow Brit Ian Callum found his eponymous company back in 2019, after moving on from previous roles as director of design at Jaguar and Jaguar Land Rover. His previous collaboration with Prodrive led to the Hunter hypercar, a 600hp all-terrain exercise in rugged elegance.

The racing simulator doesn’t just look good. Naturally, it has to race good too — and that’s where Prodrive’s expertise comes in. Their “purpose-built system” packs plenty of memory and graphical rendering power under the hood, more than enough to deliver crisp race-authentic graphics on a 49-inch high-refresh curved display.

And it can be yours too, if you’ve got £39,000 (S$65,000) to spare. But that’s a small price to pay, if you’re looking to satisfy your need for speed from home without detracting from the prevailing aesthetic sensibilities of your living room.

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