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Object of Desire: a bespoke television screen

British independent manufacturer Titan makes the largest screens in the world, including custom projects for the ultimate home entertainment system.

Where TV manufacturers constantly put out new models in a race to one-up each other on the size of screens, British manufacturer Titan probably already has that niche cornered with the Zeus, a 370-inch wide monstrosity that’s larger than an elephant. Make no mistake — this isn’t any mere projector, but an actual screen displaying in glorious 4K resolution.

While you might have the wall space for all 370 inches, you’ll also need a room that’s at least about 15m long to properly watch shows or game on the Zeus — which is also built for outdoor use. For something more conservative, the company also produces 173, 196, and 251-inch screens that are still some of the largest publicly available (although Samsung has recently unveiled a 292-inch, 8K display too)

Titan screen

A comparison of the Zeus screen with the average size of an elephant.

While the Zeus will set you back about SGD$2 million, there’s already been at least one buyer so far — Titan has stated that the buyer prefers to remain anonymous. For something truly one-of-a-kind though, the company also produces bespoke screens of any shape and size according to the client brief.

Stuff that they’ve done include screens that are bright enough to display a clear picture outdoors, curved screens for yachts; and even a waterproof version for a screen that could emerge from within a swimming pool — the possibilities are endless.

The company offers complete turn-key service for clients that doesn’t just include building and installing your Titan — the bespoke nature of the screens mean that they also assist with the architecture and design of the space that your screen will sit in. Friends coming over? We imagine there’ll be the television-brag to end all brags.

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