Tranquility Pod Living Room

Well, you can try – how’s US$30,000 (S$40,500)?

The Tranquility Pod by Hammacher Schlemmer is yet another innovation in a long line of innovations when the world started understanding: You need enough rest. It’s not enough to simply get under the covers for eight hours a night. For physical, mental and emotional wellness, what humans need is rest. And good quality rest at that. It allows us to heal, relax and get ready for another day. Getting good quality sleep can improve one’s mood, boost cognitive and physical performance and ward off chronic ailments like high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

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Ensuring that you get good quality sleep isn’t easy. By now, almost everyone knows the basics of improving one’s sleep quality – make sure your room is cool, and no Netflix for a couple of hours before bed (even if new episodes of your favourite show just came out). That isn’t enough anymore – a modern metropolis never sleeps. As Singapore’s skyline and nightlife gets more vibrant, so does the noise and light pollution.

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Tranquility Pod Room

This is where the Tranquility Pod shines. It uses a heartbeat sensor and an array of 50 LED lights spread around the pod’s interior designed to synchronise with your pulse and gently lull you to sleep. The pod’s glossy fibreglass exterior doesn’t only look luxurious; it is an exceptionally good sound insulator,  protecting you from 90 per cent of ambient noise. If it gets a bit too silent, you then have the option of replacing it with your own music (the tranquil melody of rainfall maybe?) played through the integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system. This sound system has a second purpose: the subwoofer also sends vibrations across the bed, subtly rocking you throughout the night.

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Talking about the bed, it is covered in ultrasuede, a synthetic replacement for suede leather (known for its soft, luxurious feel). It’s stain-resistant, durable and cruelty-free – what more could you ask for? The two additional pillows included with the pod are also covered in ultrasuede. Below, a temperature-controlled waterbed ensures that you never need to get up and shift to a cooler spot on the bed.

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Both the music and lights can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. As a result, the Tranquility Pod also comes with a built-in wireless charger so you can keep your phone close and charged throughout the night – just kidding. You’ve already invested in one of the most technologically advanced sleep aids out there. The least you could do is sleep in it without a constantly buzzing, blinking sleep preventer.


Available at the Hammacher Schlemmer website.