[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ith the recent news that the government will not be lifting cooling measures anytime soon, scoping out the property market continues to be a bit of a gamble.  However, a game changing development has emerged to the forefront of the scene that could pique the interests of quite a few tech savvy individuals.

Upon completion in a few years’ time, luxury waterfront condominium Corals at Keppel Bay will become Asia’s first fully integrated smart home, courtesy of a joint effort by developer Keppel Land and smartphone application Habitap. The app was featured during a media preview at the Corals at Keppel Bay showroom flat on Jul 28.

Watch the presentation in the highlights video below:

Created by homegrown technology firm Philip Tang & Sons, Habitap is an all-in-one smart home app that allows you to control the functions in your Corals home, manage facility booking in the condominium and access lifestyle offerings.

A smart home control system allows for essentials like air-conditioning and lighting to be activated through your smartphone, while bookings and guest lists for home events can be checked through condominium management. The lifestyle directory allows for one to use partner services such as Chope, Grab and Deliveroo through the same interface, with everything being only a few taps away.

Additionally, you can make your daily routine smoother with Habitap-compatible devices. Through the demonstration, hands-free speaker Amazon Echo (christened “Alexa”), which can be controlled through voiced commands, was able to link up with Habitap to control the blinds of the showroom flat.

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With Corals, Habitap’s first project is well underway with more in the pipeline. By end-2016, Philip Tang & Sons CEO Franklin Tang aims for 2,500 homes to be connected to the integrated platform.