[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]t’s official: Self-driving cars will be the arena of the future, with more and more brands abandoning hard-line stances of preserving the driver’s experience, and laying out blueprints for at least assisted driving.

Earlier this year, one of the most respectable names in motoring, Rolls-Royce, unveiled a concept car that is the aggregation of their clients’ expectations for a car of the future. It’s christened the Vision Next 100 and goes by working codename 103EX.

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The end result? A futuristic marque, possessed of an artificially-intelligent consciousness similar to Apple’s Siri (RR’s is named “Eleanor”), that pledges to “free them of all effort and encumbrance”.

As one would expect, no corners are cut on materials or panelling: the cabin’s hewn out of exotic macassar ebony which is notoriously difficult to work with; it also sports curved OLED panels, the kingpin of touch screens, which costs more per square foot than a District 10 property.

But words won’t do the Vision 100 justice – check out the video below, and start setting aside funds – this could well be your new staple after your trusty Phantom is retired.