[dropcap size=small]L[/dropcap]uxury villas by the sea are rapidly becoming a dime a dozen, but this particular retreat has managed to take marine living to the next level. Essentially a boat without propulsion, The Floating Seahorse is your ideal vacation home on the sea with a twist – the bedroom level is submerged underwater, with clear glass panes all around to ocean-watch from the comfort of your bed.

WATCH: A tour of the premises, nowcompleted.

The retreat offers four flexible living-and-sleeping areas, as well as many alfresco areas for entertainment year-round, though guests who prefer indoor spaces can also convert the areas into enclosed rooms. In addition to the living quarters, the villa’s other features include a jacuzzi pool and a fully-fitted kitchen.

The Floating Seahorse villas are engineered by real estate agency Kleindiesnst Group, who are also behind the development of the Heart of Europe island formation on The World in Dubai, an artificial cluster of islands created to form a small world map. The villas will be located in the vicinity of the archipelago, just 4km off the coast of Dubai. www.thefloatingseahorse.com.