[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]s if careening down the French Alps’ steepest slopes wasn’t nail-biting enough, skiier Mathieu Bijasson raised the stakes by executing that feat in the dead of night. For purely visual effect, he strapped on skis and ski poles outfitted with LED lights – and the result is a mesmerising display of agility and grace, set against an ebony backdrop.

Notwithstanding the fact that donning such luminescent gear further reduces one’s effective vision (as the lights can be too glaring), Bijasson pulls off pirouettes and flips throughout the hazardous run. A touching message was at the heart of the video as well; with recent addition of a daughter to his life, his days are dedicated fully to her, so night-time is when he pursues his life’s other passion.

Watch the critically-acclaimed video here:

MOONLINE — Mathieu Bijasson #shotoverG1giveaway from PVS COMPANY on Vimeo.

The film also doubles up as a Class A exhibit of a trending category in videography & photography: drone-taken shots. Bringing the cost down of aerial shots to the three-figure range has allowed photographers the world over to capture breath-taking scenery from vantage points previously only available on helicopters.

Intrigued? Our April issue will feature local business leaders and C-suites who’ve put their drones to work. Check back then for their pictures.