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What’s going to happen to the car industry, according to Bentley CEO and Audi MD

The pace is picking up in the motoring industry – and we don’t just mean top speeds. Experts share what’s in store.

Wolfgang Durheimer, chairman and CEO, Bentley, speaking at the Automotive News World Congress, Detroit, US

  • iaygnq377g-freestocks-org - Copy
    Trend 01:The next 10 years will be transformational for luxury car makers. We will see customer demographics broaden and change dramatically to incorporate millennials; the rising affluent in developing economies; and members of Generation “C” – the connected generation where attitude, rather than age, is the defining characteristic.

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Jeff Mannering, managing director, Audi

“What’s the concept of transport? It’s not necessarily owning a car, it’s about the mobility of the customer. We want to be in the game of supplying that mobility. I can’t tell you much now, but even in Singapore, we’ve got a (related) project that will come to fruition at end-2017 that’ll allow you to experience an Audi in new ways.”