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David Fuhrmann Lim authors new book showcasing haiku poems

The one before the filthy haikus - 99 Stories, Dreams, Poems draws on the former FHM Singapore editor's self-admitted dark sense of humour.

There are 99 words in each write-up. In fact, every element in this rigidly crafted project is chained to that number – words, total compositions, books available, cost of $99, even launch date of Sept 9 last year. The exception is that there are three books in one, much like the Russian doll concept.

If the author was not David Fuhrmann Lim, novelist, lauded writer of 10-minute plays, former editor of Singapore FHM, and general wit for hire, you could understandably dismiss 99 Stories, Dreams, Poems for being unnecessarily complicated. Lim, however, romps within these confines. The mundane worlds of former girlfriends, cats, football, and parking coupons are merged into little vignettes of twisted humour, easily digested in the vein of Dave Barry meets Tim Burton.

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Says Lim: “I’ve always had a dark sense of humour, whether it’s from favourite movies like Brazil and Man Bites Dog, the literature of Padgett Powell and E.E. Cummings, or the sharp stand-up of George Carlin. Anything that’s ribald, wicked, dirty, smug, curious, challenging and inappropriate.” No eyebrow raised then, when he announced his next project will be filthy haikus.

The physical copies of 99 Stories, Dreams, Poems are sold out, but 99 e-books are available on Amazon.