Brompton Electric C-line

Just months after launching its lightest-ever bike at 7.45kg, cult favourite foldable bike brand Brompton is back – this time, with a less pedal-heavy version that’s just as compact and durable as the regular.

The British manufacturer’s new e-bike and sexy slogan (“Freedom feels electric”) is now available in Singapore, and yours from $5,900. 

The all-steel bicycle can reach speeds of 25km/h. It weighs 15.53 kilos – not counting a 2.2-kilo, 300wH battery that charges in four hours – making it one of the lighter ebikes on the market.

There are two versions: the 2-gear Urban for fast commutes, and the 6-gear Explore for longer trips.

Choose from two shades, Turkish Green or Gloss Black. Photo: Brompton Bicycle

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Brompton said its ebike launch comes on the back of a surge in cycling in Singapore as more people pursue healthy lifestyles. Ebikes are not allowed on pavements in the Republic, but can ply roads, Park Connector Networks, cycling paths and shared paths. 

“Cities are changing, and Singapore, which has seen a cycling boom amid Covid-19, is no exception,” says Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams. “With the Electric, you feel you have the wind behind you all day, it is so much fun and a bit cheeky as you whizz down Changi’s Jurassic Mile and arrive anywhere raring to go.”

The CEO also hopes this foray into e-bikes will “[lay] the foundations for our future product development” – which we’re guessing means more e-bikes to come.

The Brompton Electric comes in two versions: the 2-gear Urban for fast commutes, and the 6-gear Explore for longer trips. Photo: Brompton Bicycle

Though we’re unsure of Brompton’s claims that its bikes will allow riders to traverse this sunny island “without breaking a sweat”, the Electric nevertheless packs all the hi-tech manufacturing specs expected of its price tag, including a 250-watt hub motor that utilises Formula E racecar tech, and smart sensors that measure pedal torque, cadence and bike speed to run pedal-assist technology that smoothens rides amid changing road conditions.

What about the belongings you need to tote around? Note that the bike’s clip-on Essentials Bag isn’t actually for storage, but holds its battery pack, which you can remove when not riding to prevent theft. 

Brompton Electric
The 20-litre Brompton Electric City Bag holds a laptop, and can charge electronics on the go. Photo: Brompton Bicycle

To carry around such key essentials as your phone, laptop, and water bottle, consider the Brompton’s 20-litre City Bag (sold separately), which provides access to the battery for charging electronics on the go, and a high-visibility rain cover with wraparound reflective band for tropical downpours.

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