[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he sound and fury of a home theatre system signify nothing if the speakers get the detail wrong. That’s where the cutting-edge technology in Magico’s S7 Loudspeakers comes into play.

The incorporation of revolutionary (and costly) elements, such as diamond-coated beryllium tweeters and graphene cones, results in unmatched fidelity and crystal-clear projections.

Imagine being able to pick out the triangle in a sonically charged masterpiece such as Mahler’s Eighth, and you have an idea of how precise the twin 135kg behemoths can be.

Of course, the power required to generate such clarity is courtesy of the S7’s massive 1.3m-tall frame, which takes leave of the timid and frail forms of its contemporaries that trade substance for lower price points.

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When minute details you’ve never noticed in your favourite movies or soundtracks suddenly become audible, you know you’ve spent that $82,000 well. The S7 Loudspeakers come in six colours and two finish options.