[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hat first began as a hobby for grown-ups with a creative bent has become a bona fide instrument of mindfulness. From now till next month, a colouring set will be part of the wellness tools provided by Westin Hotels and Resorts, which prides itself on its holistic approach to ensuring the well-being of its guests.

Available only in Westin properties in the Asia-Pacific, the set includes three colouring sheets created by no less than Johanna Basford, the Scottish illustrator who kick-started a global phenomenon with her best-selling adult colouring books such as Secret Garden. Featuring intricate designs to cater to adults – who have, ostensibly, become better at colouring within the lines by now – the activity has been lauded as a therapeutic artistic exercise by creators including Basford.

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BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED Colouring books have been lauded as a portable dose of digital detox.

Its practitioners certainly agree: During an interview, our recent cover personality, social entrepreneur Alain Vandenborre, showed us the result of his latest hobby – a completed colouring page featuring two unicorns. “It helps you focus and soothes the mind,” he enthused. And for busy grown-ups, that’s the real magic.