[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]bout 30,000 people get the chance to visit Antarctica every year. But how many of them get to stay at the world’s most remote luxury camp White Desert? Only a lucky 12. To celebrate its 10th anniversary recently, White Desert has revamped its premises. The camp, which is powered by wind and solar energy, consists of six igloo-like, heated fibreglass domes known as sleeping pods. Each dome, which accommodates two and comes with an ensuite, now features fabric headboards, fur throws and chairs by renowned Finnish designer Eero Saarinen.

The dining room and lounge, housed in custom tents, have also been given a facelift. Replacing a long oak table is a round top surrounded by fur chairs. Here, guests will partake of three-course meals cooked by chef Justine Lindsay – she is a private chef to F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 team from January to October when White Desert is closed – and prepped with ingredients flown in from Cape Town, South Africa.

PLUSH DOMES Stay snug in sleeping pods between frozen lakes and towering glaciers.

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A library and bar have also been added to the lounge. “We wanted to create a high-end look that was still in keeping with the explorer feel we have at our camp,” co-founder Robyn Woodhead tells The Peak.

Luxuries in rugged terrain do come at a price – an 11-day trip costs 64,000 euros (S$98,000) per person. The novelty of visiting the world’s southernmost continent in style could just weigh it out – if you don’t mind the cold, of course.