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Working out at home: From online classes to home essentials

Working from home is no excuse to stop working out. Here’s a list of home workout equipment and online classes for your daily exercise fix.

It’s important to keep a schedule when working from home – tempting though it may be to stay in your favourite PJs all day. That also means setting aside time for working out, whether it be a high intensity interval training (HIIT) session or lifting iron. Thankfully, we now have online classes and home workout essentials delivered straight to your doorstep.

Even though your favourite gym might be closed, there’s no reason you can’t keep working on that summer body thanks to the wonders of social media, home delivery and live streaming.

Home workout essentials

It’s time to brush off the dusty weights in your home gym; or give it a much-needed makeover with these cutting-edge home workout essentials that promise a burn like never before.

  • Workout Essentials Rogue Gym Mats

    Rogue gym mats

    When it comes to standard, time-tested strength training equipment, you’d be hard pressed to find a company with as formidable a reputation as Rogue’s. Rogue is the official sponsor of the Crossfit games’ equipment (where slamming your weights is seemingly encouraged), so you can be certain that at the very least their equipment is hardy stuff. Though they stock everything from medicine balls, bumper plates, and skipping ropes to punching bags, we’d like to recommend a few choice items for experienced gym rats.

    These are essential for any home-gym that involves barbells, dumbbells and weights of any kind. Unless you want to leave a nasty divot in your flooring every time you bail on a squat or descend a little too enthusiastically on a heavy set of deadlifts, these heavy-duty rubber mats will keep your lovely parquet safe. Each mat weighs around 45kg and come textured, making for a stable lifting platform that’s far safer than sweat-slicked marble.

Online fitness classes

If you’re like us, there’s nothing more invigorating (or tiring) than thrice-weekly fitness classes at a dark, sweaty gym in your CBD boutique gym of choice. We’ll make do with what we have for now: draw the blinds, switch off the lights and sweat away.

  • Online Fitness Classes Ritual


    Ritual eschews machines and single-joint exercises for free weights, functional movements and crams it into a frenzied 20-minute workout. You and nine others will be put through your paces from within your individual ‘pods’: an array of barbells, dumbbells and rings exclusively for you to lift, strain and sweat over. Add in a curated playlist to get your heart pumping, and you have a quick, effective HIIT workout that you can fit in your lunch hour with time to spare. Their #RitualAnywhere workouts were launched on Mar 20, with a focus on bringing Ritual’s workouts to anyone, anywhere. Though some of the exercises require equipment like kettlebells, they provide alternatives, like a book-filled backpack, that can easily be found at home.

    Workouts will be posted here.



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