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Object of desire: Zero X Deus Ex Machina custom electric bike

The ride is as smooth as a story with a convenient plot device.

“Every time I show somebody one of our motorcycles for the first time, they usually come back laughing. They’re audibly laughing as they pull the motorcycle back in because it’s just so different with no clutch and no gears. It blows their minds.”  Said a Zero Motorcycles representative in conversation with bike designer Michael “Woolie” Woolaway.  

Electric motorcycle producer Zero Motorcycles and Deus Ex Machina, custom bike manufacturer, have teamed up in a momentous collaboration. This will be legendary custom fabricator Woolie’s, first time working on an electric bike.

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“It’s so different riding an electric motorcycle than a gas powered motorcycle because it’s obviously silent and the power delivery is instantaneous and I’m a hundred percent, it just delivers pure torque right off the bottom. And it’s exhilarating.”  Woolaway described how riding an electric bike felt.  

The Zero Motorcycles SR/S itself is a sort of ode to both the past and future, with its design being inspired by both the “old and new”.  Old time inspirations were being used in its design, especially from the 1950s and 1960s, as evidenced from the makers’ experiments with scallops and pinstriping. But at its core, is the new technology that comes with an electric bike.  The bodywork is made with an all carbon fire core mat honeycomb, which allows it strength alongside lightweightedness.   

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Going all out with this project, the bike’s creators also implemented a custom set of Showa factory spec, world superbike forks and shock, carbon fiber dynamag wheels, and custom race brake components from Spain.  Many intuitive components of a regular bike were also omitted from the final design.  Instead of the regular shifter and foot break, the SR/S uses a thumb break instead, as it is more sensitive – another indicator that this bike isn’t the normal, everyday steed.   

“I wanted to build a bike that wasn’t really necessarily street legal because I just feel like, that’s what I really love doing.”  Woolaway said about this final Deus project.  “I wanted to highlight the fact that this is not a normal motorcycle, it’s something different and special.”

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The full interview can found on Zero’s official website.