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Where to buy luxury furniture for cats

Pamper your cats with these stylish and contemporary furniture pieces made just for animals.

1: Tuft and Paw

  • light grey sphere cat bed from tuft and paw, luxury furniture for cats

    Sphere cat bed

    This spherical cocoon, made of handwoven polyester yarn, is a perfect bed for cats. Standing at 40.6cm tall and 45.7cm wide, this metal, wood and cotton combination comes together to form a contrast of textures, allowing it to double up as a scratching accessory.

    The circular opening to the cocoon allows for easy access, and the beautifully woven fibres create a cosy and comfortable sleeping compartment – padded with a generous detachable cotton cushion. A sturdy beech wood and steel frame holds the sphere in place to prevent movement and damages.

Available at Tuft and Paw.

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2: Atomi

luxe wooden cat bed from atomi, luxury furniture for cats

Hiromatsu Santa FE Pine Wood Sofa

This Hiromatsu cat sofa has been reimagined, as well as resized from its human-sized counterpart, to form a luxe lounging spot for the felines of the house. Exclusively distributed by Atomi in Singapore, the sofa is crafted from pine wood and canvas. A natural oil finish on the pine wood enhances its natural grain, giving the cat-sized furniture a rustic yet elegant feel. To further suit one’s home interior, the wood type as well as the fabric covering can be customised to your liking.

Available at Atomi.

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3: Furrplay

six tier luxe cat tree from furrplay, luxury furniture for cats

Studio Allive Puu Cat Tower, Furrplay.

This six-tier cat tower makes for a great feline exercise playground. Crafted from steel and ash wood and coated with electrostatic powder, this solid structure stands at 180cm tall, allowing for plenty of climbing, jumping and perching. The birch plywood platforms are stable and well-spaced, allowing for easy navigation.

A scratching pad ensures that there is always something for your cat to sharpen its claws on. In addition, a hammock is included, which can be hung under the platforms – perfect for cat naps.

Available at Furrplay.

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