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Luxury Homes: A three-storey home filled with greenery

A spacious, light-filled abode designed by Ta.le architects and Produce Workshop.

  • Unlike typical intermediate terrace houses that often have dark, gloomy interiors as natural light is unable to penetrate the home, this threestorey house in Serangoon Garden is welcoming, spacious, brightly lit and full of greenery – thanks to clever strategies that were put in place, following a collaboration between Produce Workshop and Ta.le architects.

    Careful consideration was taken to design common areas, especially the dining area, which the homeowners positioned in the centre of the house as a gathering space. This main spatial structure resembles the design of a central courtyard, allowing family members to easily interact. The skylight ensures natural light floods in, so as to illuminate the depths of the interior, right down to the first floor.

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This article was originally published in Home & Decor Singapore