When you first meet Errol Lim, you might get the impression that the tech entrepreneur is all work and seriousness. Asked about his style, the former National University of Singapore (NUS) communications and new media major says, “I like things that are classic and minimalist. The only accessory I wear is my wedding ring. The way I dress became even more streamlined after I got into tech, where it’s all about simplifying processes.” One can hardly fault him for having limited bandwidth when it comes to his wardrobe. A clear go-getter, Lim started his company before he had even completed his undergraduate studies.

Founded in 2013 by him and two of his fellow undergrads during a year-long technopreneurship stint in Stockholm as part of the NUS Overseas Colleges programme, Jublia is an event technology company that provides networking software and virtual-platform solutions for events such as conferences and exhibitions.

Working with event organisers practically anywhere in the world, Jublia offers a platform where event attendees can view each other’s profiles, arrange meetings and be matched with potential business partners by the company’s proprietary algorithm. It can also provide event platforms, virtual or hybrid, which can build multi-track agendas, and host livestreams and video calls.

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Eight years on, the company typically works on “50 to 100” events each month, although the pandemic has, unsurprisingly, led to a dip in these figures. Today, the Jublia team comprises about 40 people across different countries, including Indonesia, the United States, Egypt, China, Thailand, Mexico and Colombia.

As he shares more about his travels and overseas experiences, however, the 33-year-old reveals a more colourful side. Despite having a mostly minimalist bent when it comes to fashion, he confesses to a weakness for prints and patterns. Having spent a few years in Kuala Lumpur when he was growing up and with his work necessitating frequent visits to Indonesia, where Jublia’s technology headquarters is located, Lim is partial to batik.

A striking outlier in his closet is a floral batik yukata jacket, which he ordered from a friend who sells tailored batik clothing. With a laugh, Lim – who got married last November – says, “It’s something you’d wear to a music festival. My wife and I were supposed to have our honeymoon in Europe and attend a few music festivals, but Covid happened. For now, I sometimes wear it at home, on weekends when I’m prancing around the house, with a glass of wine and music playing.”

Some patterns that he sports, however, are permanent. He got his first tattoo when he was 18, and his upper right arm is covered in designs that were gradually added over the years. Every element has a personal meaning. A snowflake, for instance, commemorates the start of his company in Stockholm, while a firefly marks a memorable road trip in New York with his two best friends. Says Lim, “I may add more in the future, but there’s plenty of time to do so.”

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Sartorial Selections

Errol Lim chose a polyester wool suit and cotton shirt from Boss.
Lim chose a polyester wool suit and cotton shirt from Boss.

Lim likes natural tones and prints, so consider the look he sports here an amped-up version of these two elements. He chose this casual suit in an earthy reddish-brown and matched it with a striped shirt embellished with an abstract print in brown and yellow. The finishing touch is a pair of sneakers, his go-to footwear for all occasions.