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3 New Grooming Must-Haves For Men and Women

Dyson launches Supersonic hairdryer, La Mer mixes new recipe for moisturiser and Cartier's first fragrance for men in 8 years.

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    Say goodbye to shouting over the ruckus as your wife dries her hair. Dyson’s Supersonic may resemble a mallet or avant garde microphone, but it’s actually a hairdryer, and one that has, well, blown us away on all counts. The quieter experience is thanks to modifications that push the resultant noise out of audible frequencies. This is what happens when 103 scientists and engineers throw out 600 prototypes before signing off, and it’s got founder James Dyson’s perfectionism and penchant for radical design stamped all over. They’ve nailed the finishing touches, too. To prevent the Supersonic from spinning on the table due to its stupendous output at full blast, it comes with a non-slip pad.

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