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How 6 top fashion brands reinvented their signature items

We single out the latest representative products from top fashion houses, and pinpoint the standout features that will take them – and the brands they represent – into the future.

  • Bottega Veneta Occulus Duffel


    Bottega Veneta bags – say, the Cabat tote, or the Veneta handbag – are generally distinguished by the house’s signature intrecciato woven leather. Indeed, there is plenty to like about this motif, which is woven by hand.

    For the men’s bags, however, Bottega Veneta has introduced a new signature look – one where the intrecciato panels serve as an accent, rather than the material for the entire carrier. This season, this aesthetic can be seen in the Oculus Duffel bag.


    What does this bag and Rome’s Pantheon have in common? The former has eyelets inspired by the oculus, or hole, in the dome of the ancient building. The large eyelets on the handle attachment are made of a metal circle surrounded by a leather one. They are not just striking design accents, but also sturdy structures for the handles to pass through.


    Intrecciato leather panels create a tasteful contrast with the smooth calfskin used for the main body of the Oculus Duffel, but the differences between the two go beyond texture. Subtly contrasting finishes add further interest to this monochromatic accessory: The intrecciato panel has a shiny finish, while the main body of the bag is crafted from matte French calfskin.


    This carrier balances the suppleness of its form with a cool, minimalist severity. The latter is derived from its almost all-black palette, including neat black stitches and hand-painted edges, and matte metal elements.

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