Founded: 1832

CEO: Walter von Kanel

Ownership: Part of the Swatch Group, a publicly traded Swiss company

A brief history: Founded in 1832, Longines developed its watchmaking capabilities early in its history with the establishment of its own factory, and was one of the earliest adopters of industrialised watchmaking in the late 19th century. The brand concentrated on different areas throughout its history depending on the zeitgeist, with notable developments including sports timekeeping, precision timekeeping, and even quartz technology. In 1971, it was acquired by ASUAG; a series of mergers and acquisitions eventually created the Swatch Group, with Longines’s movement production subsumed under ETA.

Currently known for: Longines today is known as a strong, reliable brand that focuses on the mid-range price segment within the Swatch Group. The brand is heavily reliant on sister company ETA for its movements, but maintains exclusivity by using a range of modified and improved ETA calibres that are not sold to any other brand. In terms of activities, Longines maintains a significant – and long-running – presence in equestrian sports, archery, gymnastics, and the French Open.

Key product lines: Longines has five product pillars housing a total of 18 collections: Watchmaking Tradition, showcasing the brand’s expertise and past watchmaking designs; Heritage, featuring specific historic models that are reinterpreted for modern wear; Sport, with sporty designs and features; Equestrian, featuring designs that are inspired by elements of equestrian sports; and Elegance, which has a line-up of dressy, classic timepieces.

Price range: S$1,750 for the Longines Presence in steel, to S$16,190 for the Heritage Collection Column Wheel Single Push-Piece Chronograph in rose gold