Call it the athleisure effect, or perhaps the fact that many of us could do with a few good jolts of energy in our lives. The bright shades on steroids known as neons are currently lighting up many of the latest collections, offering an array of ways to introduce them into your daily look.

Accessories, of course, offer an easy way to brighten up your wardrobe. Depending on how much attention you can bear, Louis Vuitton’s latest accessory collection includes neon accents both small (think animal-shaped leather charms) and large (bags in an aptly named Monogram Fluoro finish).

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Sportswear offers another way to inject some high-octane colour into a look – Versace’s oversized puffer, for instance, makes sure the wearer will be the brightest spot on a cold, dreary landscape. But for a real style masterstroke, incorporate your dose of Day-Glo into a dressy ensemble, and mix colours in an unexpected way: Hermes demonstrates how it’s done with a vibrant pink turtleneck and a pair of powder blue cuffed trousers.

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