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Horology-inspired designs for when buying watches isn’t enough

Two fun (and crazy) creations we spotted in the watch blogosphere over the past week.

If you are a watch fan, you might be familiar with some of the horology-inspired accessories that have been produced over the years, such as cufflinks or pens that house moving mechanisms inspired by mechanical-watch calibres. If wearing your passion on your literal sleeve or writing with it still isn’t enough, we spotted two more ways to demonstrate your love for timepieces over the past week.

First up is the most intense door handle that we have ever seen. Conceived by entrepreneur Tyler Schilling — who co-founded subsea robotics company Schilling Robotics — under the aptly named brand Sick Toiz, the Rattrapante passage lock features a design inspired by split-seconds chronograph (aka rattrapante) mechanisms. (, where we first saw this lock, has an in-depth write-up on it.) Uncommon and complex, split-seconds chronographs have two seconds hands that can time multiple simultaneous events. Via e-mail, Schilling shares, “The idea was to have an intriguing mechanism that is captivating to operate and fascinating to look at, in a circumstance like a door lock, which is normally very boring.”

  • Sick Toiz - Rattrapante passage lock
    Rattrapante passage lock by Sick Toiz.

He adds, “I have been fascinated with watchmaking for more than 40 years. The door lock is an amalgamation of several wristwatch split-seconds mechanisms that I find visually appealing. It is approximately eight times larger than what is typically found in a wristwatch.” Accordingly, the lock — which features functional, chronograph-like features such as levers, springs and a column wheel — is crafted in a process that is similar to that of high watchmaking: It is made using computer-aided design and five-axis CNC machines, and finished by hand with techniques such as linear and circular graining, anglage, perlage and black polishing.

Sick Toiz Rattrapante passage lock

Parts of this contraption are made of high-nickel stainless steel, with components such as leaf springs made from special high-chromium stainless steel. The gold-coloured parts are made of brass, which has been treated to prevent corrosion. Bison hide is used for the handle inserts in the version shown here, but customers can opt for crocodile leather instead. Another customisable aspect of this US$63,500 (S$88,560) lock: The “Vacant” or “Occupied” labels of the mechanical occupancy flag can be produced in any language.

If you would rather spend that money on a new timepiece, here’s a (much) more affordable way to have some horological fun. At your next get-together with your watch kakis, impress (or amuse) them by serving drinks with ice shaped like some of today’s most covetable luxury sports watches. (Hey, if it’s good enough for Instagram’s flashiest watch influencer Watch Anish…) Created by Amsterdam-based brand Frozen Time, the Trilogy Watch Tray is the brainchild of “two friends who share a watch addiction”.

  • Frozen Time ice tray
    Trilogy Watch Tray by Frozen Time.

And why stop at (literally) iced-out watches? The brand informs us that the trays can also be used “to mould ice cream, chocolate, cookies, jelly, soap bars” and so on. Priced at 49 euros (S$77), the ice trays ship worldwide. At the time of writing, the ice trays were sold out, but they are available for pre-order. Who knows? Perhaps munching on a Royal Oak-shaped cookie will help you make up your mind about that next watch purchase.