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Where to go for brunch

As brunch hour draws near, settle down at these restaurants and cafes for formidable grub backdropped with design-forward environs.

If there’s one meal that unites us all, it’s brunch. It’s the meal that lets you sleep in, and yet still lets you enjoy the beauty that is breakfast foods – at lunch time. Throw in the requisite champagne and free-flowing food, and it’s a weekend made. Here are some of the best brunch spots in the country to check out:

  • Tablescape - Botanic Garden 2

    Tablescape Restaurant and Bar

    Brunch doesn’t necessarily have to be an escape from the city - sometimes, it can be an escape within one. To that end, there’s Tablescape in the third floor of Grand Park City Hall. The restaurant is decked out in neoclassical liveries, and works well as a serene getaway that’s just moments from the bustle of, well, Singapore. The menu remains achingly familiar to the restaurant’s heritage roots. The prelude to the meal includes four breads of the week, from an arsenal of fourteen. Thereafter, they’ve got a classically Italian gnocchi with broccoli, mussels and a bit of molecular gastronomia a la wasabi, anchovy and fish stock foam; an unctuously brunchy foie gras, balanced with a touch of blended daikon cream and preserved wild cherry; and a salad, dubbed the Botanic Garden. No points for guessing where it draws inspiration from - it’s a plant-forward kaleidoscope of colours that incorporates grilled aubergine mash and seasonal veggies, paired with a smoky Lapsang Souchong tea to further accentuate said grilling. Did we mention that there’s an option for a glamping picnic? The menu’s a little more small bites and easy dining - think chili crab mousse or foie gras terrine on brioche - though we’re told it’s possible to secure a similar al fresco roof experience with the a la carte menu as long as one hits the minimum spending of $88.

    Level 3, Grand Park City Hall. Tel: 6432-5566.


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