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[VIDEO] All you need to know about Chef Kenjiro Hashida of popular Hashida Sushi restaurant in Singapore

Walk a day in "Hatch" Hashida's shoes.

Kenjiro “Hatch” Hashida is one very energetic chef. Even at 10pm, he is still buzzing with energy and bounding around – this despite his busy day having started at 8am. Ask him how he keeps up his enthusiasm levels even late into the evening and the 37-year-old responds – “my customers”.

He came to Singapore in 2013 to open Hashida Sushi, an offshoot of the original restaurant in Tokyo, which was set up by his father in 1967. But the only similarity between the two is the name. While the Japanese outlet serves traditional Edomae-style sushi, the Singapore edition adopts a more contemporary approach.

“It is not right to just inherit the restaurant. I want to create my own brand and prove myself. I also have ideas that are different from my father’s.”

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    In order to stay fit and keep his weight under control, Hatch starts each day with a workout and a simple breakfast. “I use up a lot of energy during the day, but I consume more calories than I burn, so I have to exercise.” His regime consists of three parts, starting with weightlifting at the gym of the condominium he resides in. There, he works on strengthening and toning his biceps, chest, back and shoulders, doing two different types of exercises on the weight machine, each performed in three sets of 30.

The result is a fine-dining establishment steeped in creativity and elegance, where the quality is never compromised and the dishes are akin to artworks.

These qualities embodied by Hashida Sushi Singapore are echoed by haute horlogerie brand Roger Dubuis. The 100 per cent integrated Swiss manufacture is a pioneer of contemporary skeletons, the leader in innovative high-end complications. The artist in Hatch identifies with the aesthetics of the timepieces and marvels at their mechanical brilliance.

He says: “The watches appeal to me because they are a little edgy, yet each is a masterpiece of technical sophistication. I, too, like to push boundaries.”