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Five luxe resorts and holiday operators that put animal conservation first

Commit to supporting wildlife protection today with these luxury experiences that go the extra mile for defending biodiversity.

Eco-hotels and lodges have really stepped up their game in recent years – from reducing carbon emissions through locally-sourced food and recyclable building materials, to activities such as bamboo basket weaving and safaris to drive home the idea of living in harmony with nature, it’s no longer enough to slap on a couple of solar panels and call it a day.

That’s where wildlife protection comes in. Instead of just safari tours or coral diving that puts you near the animals, your holiday gives these operators the financial ability to keep doing what they’re doing – animal protection programmes, conservation research and local community development.

In other words: choosing a holiday that puts conservation first will go toward safeguarding the Earth for future generations.

  • andBeyond Treehouse Experience


    Established in 1991, andBeyond owns 29 lodges and operates high-end tours scattered across three continents that showcase the best Mother Nature has to offer. With a posse of skilled guides and rangers, the company delivers extraordinary stays, game drives and eco-luxury.

    In January 2020, the luxury travel company unveiled the Ngala Treehouse at the Ngala private game reserve in South Africa. Live out a Tarzan-esque dream with an overnight stay at the four-level treehouse lodge, complete with an open-air sleeping platform beneath the stars. Otherwise, a luxurious weatherproof bedroom (and hot shower) is waiting just below if the weather turns and it rains down in Africa.

    Right next to the Kruger National Park, the 36,000 acre game reserve is home to the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos) as well as the elusive African wild dogs. So keep your eyes peeled. The treehouse experience must be booked as part of a longer stay at either the Ngala Safari Lodge or Ngala Tented Camp, two other properties of andBeyond situated nearby. Otherwise, andBeyond has other lodges and experiences in South America and Asia.

    The travel company remains dedicated to conservation by supporting local anti-poaching efforts and protecting local wildlife within their flagship Phinda private game reserve that has grown to - including community land that the company helps to manage - 28,555 hectares.

    It was in the Phinda private game reserve that andBeyond reintroduced numerous species including the lion, cheetah, elephant and several smaller animals like the serval and caracal. Most recently, they reintroduced the oft-poached and highly endangered Temminck’s ground pangolin.

    Throughout the world, andBeyond’s reserves and eco-lodges protect hundreds, if not thousands, of species of game, birds and sea creatures.

    Read more about the treehouse experience here.


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