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The best wines, spirits, and liqueurs to bring to your Chinese New Year gathering

Impress friends and family with our picks of some of the best booze this Chinese New Year.

  • Balvenie dark barley

    Balvenie Stories series: A Day of Dark Barley

    For any fine liquor, stories are half the experience. Balvenie clearly understands this, and has released a single-malt series inspired by storytelling. Each bottle comes an NFC-enabled tag on the bottle so drinkers can be serenaded by the whiskies' stories – recordings between the craftspeople and the brand's global ambassador; and guided audio tastings with malt masters David Stewart and Kelsey McKechnie. The apex of this series is "A Day of Dark Barley", a 26-years-aged expression that's distilled from dark roasted barley malt for a syrupy, smokey, dram with hints of citrus and sweet spices.

    Available at bars and retail spaces including La Maison du Whisky, Straits Clan, The Connoisseur Divan, The Joint, The Wall,1855 and 75CL.