Clean eating has taken off in the past few years, as consumers become increasingly mindful of what they put into their bodies. More than salads, low-calorie diets and organic foods, today’s consumers want unprocessed, sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients. Standards are sky-high, and since in-flight cuisine has always taken a cue from trends on the ground – think celebrity chefs and farm-to-table concepts – it’s only natural that clean eating should influence airline menus. Just last month, Singapore Airlines teamed up with Singapore-based wellness brand Como Shambhala to launch specially curated items onboard selected flights.

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Coconut-poached fish in tomato and garam masala sauce
Coconut-poached fish in tomato and garam masala sauce

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The partnership was part of a larger move to increase the wellbeing of passengers. The menu revolves around healthy and well- balanced dishes, designed not just to provide the body with sustenance but also to counter the stresses of travel. This includes items such as cleansing, high-fiber tropical fruit bircher muesli, and calming and micronutrient-rich coconut poached fish in a tomato and garam masala sauce. A special ginger tea featuring cold-pressed beetroot, carrot, green apple, and turmeric also provides circulatory support within the confines of the cabin.

A number of dishes are also available for pre-ordering via Book the Cook, for first, business, and premium economy class passengers on all routes departing from Singapore. Think immunity-boosting spiced buckwheat and pumpkin pancakes (photo), and a coconut and chia pudding, which is served with fresh strawberries steeped in hibiscus flower tea – providing the
body with digestive support as well as a shot of vitamins.

Airlines pulling out all the stops for in-flight meals

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