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Larder essentials: Luxurious condiments, sauces and more from your favourite restaurants

These are the condiments and sauces from local favourites that will help you create restaurant-quality food at home, completely fuss-free.

Do we really want to be ordering takeaway or delivery every day? Well, maybe – but that doesn’t mean we won’t be peckish in the wee hours of the morning after an episode or three too many of your favourite serial. While it’s completely fine to throw together something that you’ve scrounged up from the fridge, why not add a touch of class to your late-night snack with these condiments and sauces from local restaurants?

After all, these restaurants don’t just slap any old pats of butter onto the table to go with their slices of artisanal sourdough. They think a little more creatively: expect anything from infused butters and oils, to house-bottled syrups, sauces and condiments.

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Take Candlenut for example: we’ve mentioned them, along with other local Michelin-starred restaurants, for their takeaway and delivery options. They’re also stocking jars of their in-house sambal belachan. It’s a perfect accompaniment to, well, almost anything.

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Since it seems we’re going to be working from home for at least a little while longer, here are some options for some essentials to stock your larder with. Getting these condiments and sauces will go some way in helping your favourite local restaurants as well.

  • Condiments and sauces Salted & Hung

    Salted & Hung

    If the name isn’t enough of a clue, Salted & Hung’s core ethos is about smoking, curing, pickling and grilling. More than that, it’s about making creative use of every part of the animal while building a sustainable kitchen. Born into a family of Italian heritage, chef Drew Nocente endless innovates with getting the most out of every animal, using preservation methods not only for sustainability, but to enhance the flavour of what he’s working with. Now available as part of the Salted Deli are house-cured bacon and country ham as well as pork sausages, inspired by his own family’s recipes. Along with that, we’d recommend the black garlic emulsion - the aged, umami-filled cloves are emulsified with egg yolk and oil to form a sort of deeply earthy mayonnaise that’s a delight with any kind of strongly flavoured meat. Else, their kelp butter is another oceanic option that’d work well with crafting any seafood-based sandwiches.

    Order here or call 6358-3130.