[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]ndian wine might be struggling to find a foothold worldwide, but its distilleries are putting out some quality libations. Goa-based distillery Paul John’s single malts have been gaining international accolades: The entire range scored from 94 to 96.5 in Murray’s Whisky Bible. A few drams of the liquid gold reveal why. They are full of character, featuring bright, coppery underpinnings and intense floral tangs, all with a soft vanilla finish. We give it a few years before the distillery snags a World’s Best, but you heard it here first.



Good news for those who like a freshly brewed pint. Local microbrewery Little Island Brewing Company, nestled in a 450 sq m space behind Changi Food Village, has started churning out home brews, and the verdict is in: great flavours and freshness on their swills. Its batches, Dry Irish Stout or Pale Ale to name a couple, sell out fairly often, so you could try catching them at Singapore’s first Craft Beer Festival come March.

6 Changi Village Road, Tel: 6543-9100



Blowing the cork off a champagne bottle signifies celebration, but you already know that. Well, the folks at Mumm have one-upped the competition with a world-first “connected” magnum that, when popped, can send a club’s music into a crescendo and have the spotlights centred on whoever opened the bottle. How? Electronics, of course. As long as the venue is onboard with your plans, the possibilities with the tech-equipped bottles are limitless.