How many bars can claim that they have their own expression of a spirit? For Manhattan Bar at Regent Hotel, it’s yet another reason to add to an already-long list of reasons why they’re consistently ranked as one of the best bars in Asia, if not the world. 

As in having their own rickhouse wasn’t enough, Manhattan has worked with the Beam-Suntory owned Maker’s Mark for a custom-finished Private Select bourbon – a series where clients get the chance to finish a barrel of cask-strength Maker’s Mark 46 with a selection of five available wooden stave flavours – which flavour profiles range from caramel and brown sugar; to smoke and spice. 10 staves are chosen – which gives rise to 1001 possible flavour combinations. With the additional staves, the bourbon is then aged in a cool, limestone warehouse to minimise the angel’s share. 

Maker's Mark-Private Select(Manhattan Bar-media)-173

For Manhattan, creating their own Private Select involved getting every member of the bar and floor team to come together to pick the flavours. The result? A richer, sweet-leaning bourbon with plenty of ripe fruits, spices, caramel, and chocolate. Bottled at 54.55 per cent ABV, the bourbon is a flavour bomb neat, but also stands well in a spirit-forward cocktail. 

Although there are only 240 bottles available, limited bottles of the Private Select is available for retail purchase at Dolcetto.

“Since its inception in 2014, Manhattan has been the paragon of craft bartending with our well-researched cocktails. Maker’s Mark is an ideal partner for us because it is an iconic American whiskey bourbon that is synonymous with quality and celebrated for its flavour,” shares Bar Manager David Nguyen-Luu.

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