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Mother’s Day 2020: The gift of home baking, and where to find baking supplies delivered to your home

Baking supplies, including world-famous Echire butter, to bake the perfect gift this Mother’s Day, delivered straight to your home.

With Mother’s Day coming up in a couple of weeks, now is the time to start getting the baking supplies you’ll need to create a confectionery gift on that special day. Daunting though baking might seem, there are only two main things that you have to get: ingredients and equipment. Thankfully, most vendors have pivoted in the Covid-19 crisis to provide delivery services.

We’ve compiled a list of vendors that stock everything from rolling pins to rose extract, as well as baking supplies that are suitable for any taste.

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Take Little Farms for example: relatively new to the market, it first opened in 2016 at Valley Point Shopping Centre. The grocers stock all manner of fresh, ethical ingredients that are suitable for those looking to eat healthily and well. Though not strictly a baking supplies vendor, their impressive list of raw ingredients and premium produce make them a suitable solution to your home-baking needs.

These include luxurious Echire butter. Handmade and churned in oakwood barrels in a remote corner of Western France, the creamy butter is imbued with intense nutty flavour. Its higher butterfat content (a minimum of 84 per cent) gives it richness and malleability, perfect for baking pastries like croissants or puff pastry that require more rollouts (and copious amounts of butter) for delicate, fluffy layers

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Else, Little Farms also stock vegan options like dairy-free cheese, flour and nut butters to create cakes and pastries that fit any diet options.

However, do note that most of these baking supplies vendors are facing high demand now. Expect at least a few days’ delay to get what you need: so plan ahead while you still can.

Other baking supplies and equipment vendors that will also deliver these items straight to your house are listed below: all in service of assembling that perfect baked gift for Mother’s Day, celebrated at home.

  • The Providore Downtown

    The Providore

    Though you’re probably more used to the Providore Downtown, their flagship deli, grocer, cafe and cooking studio all-in-one , the brand also does delivery. Gourmet cheeses, antipasti and liquid comfort are all available for delivery - but for today, we’re more interested in their eclectic selection of bakeware. If all else fails, at least you’ll know where to get ingredients to whip up your own charcuterie. They’ve also got next day delivery - especially useful if you’re reading this last-minute in a frenzied panic.