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See New Zealand like never before with bespoke itineraries from Antipodean Luxury Travel

Her family owns Skope Industries, New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration, and she calls Irish industrialist Ambrose Congreve, whose estate she stayed at on vacation, a family friend. She herself has travelled extensively, experiencing the best the world has to offer (like showering at 40,000 feet). Now, Alexandra Stewart is parlaying her knowledge, experience, friends and family connections into developing her own business – Antipodean Luxury Travel, which specialises in New Zealand itineraries.

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    Auckland Harbour - Yachting

“I have three uncles whom Antipodean partners with exclusively for golf tours, a wilderness safari and 102-foot charter yachts. Also, my friends who own high-country stations provide private access to their properties to create one-off travel experiences for our clients.”

Antipodean Luxury Travel founder Alexandra Stewart

Antipodean founder Alexandra Stewart crafts the itineraries based on her personal travel experiences.

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The Singapore-based company conducts face-to-face meetings with clients to better understand and cater to their interests. There is sports gliding and skiing on fresh, untouched snow on remote peaks only accessible by helicopter; golfing with panoramic sea vistas; and immersive wine and cuisine journeys that include making your very own bottle of wine.

The Penthouse by Eichardts by Lake Wakatipu


Get Queenstown’s largest private terrace all to yourself at The Penthouse by Eichardt’s, one of Antipodean’s many luxury accommodation partners. Take in views of Lake Wakatipu from the private spa pool while sipping on Krug Champagne.

Asked for a snippet of what the company has been up to, Stewart says: “We’re currently working with a couple – who love the All Blacks – on something pretty special for their honeymoon. But it’s a secret.”