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Top Singapore chefs reveal their trusted durian suppliers

With durian season buoyed by this year’s bumper crop, there’s no better time than now to seek out the best durians, and who better to turn to for recommendations than our very own local chefs.

  • Pang Kok Keong, chef-owner of Antoinette

    I buy durians from Kean Lye Fruit Trading (766 Upper Serangoon Rd), a store next to Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre. The owner’s name is Robin and he will usually let his customers try before buying. I like Mao Shan Wang – it is an acquired taste and I love its complexity. I usually eat durians with my hands covered, because I can’t stand my hands smelling of durian, even hours later. At Antoinette, I don’t make durian desserts because that would require a separate space — everything else would take on the taste and smell of durian. 

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