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These 6 new jobs didn’t exist 15 years ago

While advances in technology have phased out certain jobs, so, too, have they created new sectors. Here’s a look at what the techsavvy are doing now.

  • Mindfulness2


    Even though many of the new jobs created by the digital revolution are predictably in the digital sphere, millennials also show a strong desire for forging meaningful connections with other human beings and their surroundings. Enter the mindfulness guide, whose job is to coach these young workers in meditation, and breathing and concentration techniques. Phrases such as “stay grounded”, “be present” and “breathe mindfully” are commonly used in these lessons.

    Mindfulness coaching has become a US$1billion (S$1.4 billion) industry, according to research by IBISWorld, a leader in market research, with large international organisations including Amex, Google and Goldman Sachs hiring these gurus to impart a little bit of inner peace to their harried employees in the comfort of their offices. The Mindfulness Institute in the United States offers one of the most popular corporate mindfulness courses around. Closer to home, wellness guide Jojo Struys hosts corporate mindfulness workshops in the region.

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