At twilight, the familiar growl of a V8 powerplant fills the air. Within seconds, the sleek, aggressive lines of its host, the Maserati GranCabrio, appears. Quite the automotive beast, this Italian supercar can go from zero to 100kph in five seconds and reach a top speed of 300kph.

Super comfortable behind the wheel is Amanda Steckler. She reins in the muscles of 444 horses under the hood with ease and grace. Decked in a Hermes top and slacks with a Richard Mille RM 07-01 on her wrist, she’s a picture of elegance. Not so much her Maserati, though. Cars like this are usually associated with guys thirsty for a pedal-to-the-floor adrenaline rush.

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Steckler, who grew up in Kampung Sembawang, contradicts this convention and with a hearty laugh says, “I am an unusual woman.” Then the entrepreneur and real estate investor lets on that she has a stable of sports and supercars – seven in her second home in Palo Alto, California, and six here.

Among her pedigrees are the McLaren 720S Spider, Maserati Levante Trofeo Launch Edition (one of 100 in the world), Aston Martin DB11, Telsa Models X and S, and a Mercedes-Benz GLS 400.

Midway through the conversation, the bubbly 48-year-old pauses and says: “Wait, I have two more McLarens!” Missing from her initial list are the limited-production Senna and 12C Spider in Palo Alto.

Steckler, who also owns multiple properties around the world, tells The Peak the GranCabrio is a workhorse she uses to ferry her kids to school and take the family out to eat. She and husband Vince have five children aged 12 to 28. They moved back to Singapore two years ago because the mounting personal taxes in California no longer made sense.

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“Here, the GranCabrio makes more sense to drive because not only does it allow me to take my kids to school, but I can also drive my ageing parents wherever they want to go,” she adds. “They are the other reason am back here. I want to spend more time with them. And you know what? While doing all this, I still get the sense that I am driving a sports car because the Maserati engine has a sound no other supercar can match.”

Home has also made Steckler realise how much she misses her Singapore friends and local food. This passion for Asian fare has led her to acquire a franchise from Killiney Kopitiam. She now has an outlet at Camden Medical that opened in September last year and has a licence to operate another in Palo Alto. She also has a 50 per cent stake in restaurant Table at 7 in Namly Avenue.

An accomplished weekend athlete, who has run three full and nine half marathons overseas and in Singapore, her days are filled with family and two dogs, a Hungarian Puli and a Miniature Husky, and typically begin with a run, usually at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, with one of her pets that rides in her one of her cars.

“I love them all and drive a different one every time I get out of the home, even if it is just for a five-minute drive to the grocery store,” she quips.

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