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The coolest way to watch NDP 2017 is aboard Batman’s “pirate ship”, The Royal Albatross

Here's a view you probably haven't enjoyed before: watching the August 9 fireworks while being waited on by butlers on this superyacht.

Still looking for a novel way to enjoy the nation’s grandest fireworks show with loved ones? Your search is over.

Those who watched  Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight may remember billionaire protagonist Bruce Wayne taking out the entire Russian ballet dance crew (and Alfred) to sea- just so he is guaranteed an alibi for his sting operation as Batman. That same superyacht – The Royal Albatross – has been kitted out with sails and masts to resemble a brigandine – the ship of choice for pirates in the 18th century.

A grand total of 22 sails adorn the Royal Albatross.

Come August 9, the Albatross will be sailing into the Marina Channel and anchoring at a vantage point that affords its passengers an exquisite view of the marina and the fireworks.

The Royal Albatross will depart from Resorts World Sentosa for a scenic cruise before dropping anchor. Guests will have the run of the entire boat and its charming salon, and costumed butlers will dole out freeflow finger food throughout the journey. Entertainment and games, facilitated by an emcee, will keep the night lively as it leads up to the climax. The yacht will conclude its sail back at RWS.

It’s going to be hard to beat the photo opportunities or exclusivity while aboard this cruise. Spots are limited, so head over to this page for more details and booking information.