[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]nterior design by Anne Carson – whose work on luxury residences in the United States are splashed across pages of Architectural Digest. Handsome spaces that exude aristocratic elegance, beautifully furnished in the inimitable style of Ralph Lauren Home pieces. An insistence on high quality – from Italian Statuario marble for construction to Hyde Park Moulding wall and ceiling ornaments that are used in the likes of Buckingham Palace and the White House.

We are not talking about a dream house built by one of the world’s richest. We are talking about the latest project by world-acclaimed luxury property developer Sansiri. An ultra-luxurious condominium project built for the world’s elite, 98 Wireless is poised to reset the world standards for high-rise living.

Situated in the heart of Bangkok’s mesmerizing cityscape, 98 Wireless is a majestic sight of monochromatic cream-hued brilliance. The freehold estate is the last luxury residential development to be launched on Wireless Road – one of Bangkok’s most prestigious addresses within the business district. Nestled snugly amidst lush greenery and ritzy malls, 98 Wireless is a perfect meld of nature and modernity.

The property’s Bentley limousine (in British Racing Green) is emblazoned with the number 98, and can chauffeur residents to town areas.

The emblematic opulence of world-acclaimed luxury property developer Sansiri makes its mark throughout the building. Captivating the senses the moment one arrives is the grand drop off area, reminiscent of the most exclusive heritage hotels one might find in the likes of New York or London. This leads into the main lobby, anchored by a magnificent display of Ralph Lauren Home’s largest handmade chandelier. From the intricately crafted rails that line the grand staircase to the classy Portuguese limestone flooring in the lobby lounge, 98 Wireless is not only an ode to grandeur, but a testament to style and functionality perfectly poised to meet the lifestyle demands of today’s billionaire elite.
The European Beaux-Arts inspired aesthetics is seen throughout the 25-storey structure. The grand, formal style of design that emulates European Renaissance and Baroque landscapes guides the design of all 77 units within the building. Be it a two- or three-bedroom residence or “The One” – a panoramic super-penthouse occupying the two highest levels of 98 Wireless – every apartment is a reflection of the artisanal brilliance of a world renowned design team.

South-East Asia’s most luxurious condominium, 98 Wireless is now complete. Prices for the apartments range from 70m – 250m THB (S$2.84m – S$10.15m), and visiting is strictly by appointment only. Reserve your place at the pinnacle of luxury now.

For more information, please visit 98wireless.com.

98 Wireless, 98 Wireless Road, Bangkok, Thailand
T: +66-2201-3999 (Bangkok), +65-9499-1094 (Singapore)
Email: internationalbuyers@sansiri.com