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Graffiti and photography comes together at Leica Galerie Singapore’s latest exhibition

12 Hours by Stash x Jahan is a visual, in-tandem journey through two cities across different timezones.

Leica has a special place in the world of photography: the lens and camera manufacturer has always been strongly associated with street photography.

With the latest exhibition at Leica Galerie Singapore, they’re bringing this to the next level by combining literal street art with photography.

The show, titled 12 Hours, brings together two artists from different corners of the globe: legendary New York-based graffiti artist, and one of the pioneers of the East Village scene in the early 1980’s. STASH; and local contemporary artist Jahan Loh, who works in mixed media, bridging the gap between fine and street art.

Leica's 12 Hours

The exhibition itself is a photographic documentation of two cities that are 12 hours apart: New York and Singapore. Commissioned by Leica, both artists were handed the latest Leica Q2 in March 2019 to document their respective cities at exactly the same time. Both were given absolute freedom of their subject matter, with the project inspired by the “idea of fusing the craft of capturing moments and spray-painting”.

The result is a series of black and white photographs that provide a discourse on space, time, and the possible commonalities across two distinct, separate cities.


The 12 Hours exhibition is now open at Leica Galerie Singapore, through 1st November 2019

#01-20, 328 North Bridge Rd, Raffles Hotel Arcade.Tel: 6336-9555