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Here’s what goes into $300,000 Estelon Extreme speakers

Only the best for Estelon's most powerful loudspeaker.

“Why would you do this?” asks Andy Kennard, CEO of AV Intelligence. It’s a good question, as he hovered around the 2 meters tall speakers by Estelon, an Estonian audio speaker company. The sculpture-like pair is dubbed ‘Extreme,’ though for more reasons than hyperbole.

Each speaker is held down by a marble-based composite, contributing to its massive weight of 250 kg. Both boast two 10 inch aluminum-cone woofers; one 10 inch aluminum-cone mid-woofer; and one 7 inch ceramic inverted-dome midrange. And for extra performance, a 1.5 inch industrial diamond inverted-dome tweeter. The frequency response ranges from 20 (the lowest sound frequency to the human ear) to 45,000 Hertz. All of this combined delivers a powerful audio experience, made to immerse a big room, that is versatile enough to capture details of each musical piece played with clarity. On top of it all is its price point –  SGD 300,000 for a pair.

And so, Kennard answers his own question with a famous quote from mountaineer George Mallory: “Because it’s there”. For the audiophiles with a big space looking for some impressive sound quality, perhaps putting money into the Extreme speakers is a worthwhile investment.