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Luxury Homes: The Jalan Wajek property inspired by a traditional kampong dwelling

Home for a family of five is an open and airy structure with a black steel and glass exterior.

This 6,474 sqf semi-detached house at the corner of Jalan Wajek looks every bit the industrial home, with its black steel and glass exterior, complete with a corrugated metal roof more commonly used in the construction of flatted factories here. So it comes as a surprise when the team at Three-D Conceptwerke reveals that the design was not driven by any particular style.

As a typical reinforced concrete structure would be visually too heavy, they decided to use I-sections for the columns and beams. Instead of covering up these structural members, they chose to express them, resulting in an aesthetic language that is a manifestation of the design ethos rather than style. The choice of building elements also addressed the homeowners’ preference for a dry construction approach. Alex Lin and Pauline Soo were adamant about minimising disturbance to their neighbours, so the home was conceived with pre-fabrication in mind and without any piling involved.

The team at the interior design firm went through various proposals with Lin and Soo, including a “kelong style” home elevated on “stilts”, and one with front and rear blocks connected by a central staircase, before eventually arriving at the final design, which is more reminiscent of a traditional kampung dwelling layout. But all the schemes had a common thread, which is the element of communal living. With three children in t0w, the couple believe firmly in carving out space for quality family time, especially while the kids are still young. 

Below, a tour of their home at Jalan Wajek:

  • The many skylights allow natural light to filter into the house, giving the interior different qualities depending on the time of day. “I love how the house interacts with the light,” comments Alex. “We understand that there is always a link between light and heat, but this is something that we are willing to live with.”

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Photography: Koh Boonwei

Art direction: Nonie Chen and Kaffy Tan

A version of this story first appeared in Home & Decor Singapore.