Scent is a very powerful thing. It evokes deep-seated memories, warns you of imminent danger, and if we’re allowed to be a bit frivolous – allows you to reinvent yourself whenever you please. Having been in the business of designing beautifully-made accessories for men for over 100 years, Montblanc has a fairly good idea of the kinds of personas men like to portray. That’s why they’ve gone on to produce four signature fragrances which allow you to get playful and experiment with a different mood, without deviating from who you are at the core of your being – a confident man who knows where he comes from, and where he’s headed.

Montblanc Explorer

The creation of Montblanc’s latest fragrance was a collaboration between three perfumers: Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu, and Olivier Pescheux. Each one was tasked with bringing one hero ingredient to the table, and the result was an olfactory pyramid comprising Italian bergamot, vetiver from Haiti, and Indonesian patchouli. On the skin, it starts off green and floral, before deepening into smoky hazelnut tones, then finishing off with leathery, masculine accents. Perfect for the insatiable go-getter who is constantly pushing himself to conquer his personal Everest.

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Montblanc Legend

As the name suggests, this one is for self-assured, authentic individuals who love timeless traditions but also embrace the future. Lavender and litsea cubeba greet your nose, before it opens up to sensual middle notes of oak moss. Finally, warm tonka bean and sandalwood end off the experience. Masculine, distinctive, and delicious.

Montblanc Legend Spirit

A fresher, racier version of Legend, this fresh woody aromatic fragrance is made with the free-spirited, rebellious personality in mind. Top notes include pink peppercorn and bitter grapefruit, and at its heart you’ll find cardamom and an aquatic accord. At the base, a luscious trio of sandalwood, cedar and cashmere is blended with oak moss.

Montblanc Legend Night

Every man needs a date-night scent in their arsenal, and here’s one that conveys an air of mystery and irresistibility. Described as a magnetic woody fragrance, it opens on a fresh note with clary sage and peppermint. It is counterbalanced by middle notes of cedar wood, lavender and violet, and boasts a strong finish with musk and black vanilla.

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