It’s time to brush up on your two-letter words and word stems. Restoration Hardware’s vintage giant Scrabble wall might be just what you needed to quell boredom and banish monotony during this extended work-from-home period.

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The fundamental game hasn’t changed much since it was first conceived by architect Alfred Mosher Butts in 1933 (in another name). The distribution of letters was determined by letter frequency on the front page of The New York Times, with a couple of modifiers like word or letter-point multipliers to spice up the game. Now, the game is played competitively around the world.

Restoration Hardware recognises the distinct allure of Scrabble. Sure, a row of hotels from Regent to Mayfair might seem impressive, but the panache of playing an arcane, high-scoring word (and the satisfaction at the look on your opponent’s face) is forever. The game supports up to four players, perfect for a family stuck indoors during the work-from-home months ahead.

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Work-from-home giant Scrabble wall RH

The wall-mounted Scrabble set is styled like the original 1949 vintage edition, and comes complete with magnetic tiles and chalkboard to keeping track of the score. The vintage wooden board and tiles make for a great addition to your work-from-home ensemble, if only to impress your colleagues at your next video conference.

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And if you think getting a bingo, or clearing all your tiles in a single move for a bonus of 50 points, is satisfying – what about a triumphant display of your lexical knowledge that’ll stay on a giant Scrabble wall for as long as you’d like?

Click here to see more. Otherwise, Restoration Hardware also stocks a rugged foosball table, giant vintage chess, or a stylish poker table – if Scrabble isn’t enough to sate your work-from-home entertainment needs.